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Boulevard Mall Career Connections is Changing Lives

Members of the public tour Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s Boulevard Mall Career Connections Center on Grand Opening
Day August 2016.

Goodwill’s Boulevard Mall Career Connections Center has been a true success. Since the center opened the summer of 2016, the team has served more than 4,000 job seekers. One such job seeker is Lorraine Taylor who today is a full-time Kitchen Steward at the Aria Hotel and Casino.

Lorraine, who lived near the Boulevard Mall Career Connections, had been out of work for an extended period and was on the verge of homelessness. Being over age 50, Lorraine experienced age-related challenges trying to get work. After getting to know Lorraine, the Career Connections team helped her improve the way she marketed and presented herself to employers. The most likely reason she had been closed, but not sealed the deal getting a job. The team helped her with her resume, and partnered her up with volunteers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, who coached through mock job interviews. Armed with a new resume and ready to test her new interview skills, all Lorraine need to be successful was help with transportation and she was off.

While protecting the community, Las Vegas Metro Police still found time to volunteer at the Career Center!

Lorraine like so many others who live in the neighborhood surrounding the Boulevard Mall needed a little Goodwill. Lorraine told our team, “You have changed my life and my prayers were answered when I found you.” If you donated, shopped, volunteered or work at Goodwill, you had a hand in helping Lorraine. You helped answer her prayers.

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