We appreciate your support as we build a stronger Goodwill. Thank you for donating, shopping, and changing lives.



Chapter 11 Reorganization news and announcements will be posted here throughout the process.

9-25-17 Goodwill of Southern Nevada To Close Craig Road Location

As part of our ongoing reorganization process, Goodwill of Southern Nevada is closing the Goodwill Thrift Store located at:
4830 W Craig Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89130
This store will close to the public on Monday, September 25, 2017. To find a Goodwill Thrift Store location near you please visit
As we continue to evaluate all aspects of our business and work through the Chapter 11 Reorganization process, we appreciate your patience and support as we work to build a better Goodwill.

8-31-17 Legal Statement/Disclaimer Regarding Customer Programs

On August 11, 2017 (the “Petition Date”), GSN filed its voluntary chapter 11 bankruptcy petition, and is continuing to operate while it reorganizes it’s financial affairs under the supervision of the bankruptcy court.  For further information regarding the case, they may contact the law firm of Larson & Zirzow, LLC Zachariah Larson, Esq. at or call 702-382-1170.
On August 14, 2017, the Bankruptcy Court overseeing GSN’s bankruptcy case authorized the continuation of all existing customer programs pending as of the Petition Date for a period not to exceed 120 days, and thus through and including December 9, 2017.  What this means is that all customer programs existing as of August 11, 2017 will continue to be fully honored, and notwithstanding the bankruptcy case, but only through December 9, 2017.  This means that unless already precluded or terminated pursuant to Goodwill’s existing rules regarding the associated customer programs (which may provide for an earlier termination), any and all coupons, gift cards, store credit, returns, points, refunds and exchanges for good sold or issued BEFORE August 11, 2017 will be continued to be honored through and including December 9, 2017 only.
For the avoidance of doubt, coupons, gift cards, store credit, returns, points, refunds and exchanges for good sold or issued AFTER August 11, 2017 will still be honored in accordance with GSN’s normal practices and are unaffected by the bankruptcy case.
> Order Granting Emergency Motion Authorizing The Debtor to Honor Certain Prepetition Obligations to Customers, Continue Customer Programs and Receive, Process and Honor Credit Card Transactions (PDF)
> Emergency Motion For Entry Of An Order Authorizing The Debtor To Honor Certain Prepetition Obligations to Customers, Continue Customer Programs and Receive, Process and Honor Credit Card Transactions (PDF)

8-31-17 Goodwill to Close Remaining Select Store & Deja Blue Boutique in Henderson

Based on financial performance, logistics costs, and our strategic focus on operating traditional Goodwill Thrift Stores, we have decided to close the following stores effective August 31, 2017:
Goodwill Select
7036 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Deja Blue Boutique
10624 S. Eastern Ave
Henderson, NV 89052
As we focus our business on the traditional Goodwill Thrift Store model, the “Select Store” concept is being phased out entirely. The Goodwill Select Store on Blue Diamond Road was closed in June 2017. We will continue to operate the Deja Blue Boutique in Summerlin for the foreseeable future.
We continue to evaluate all aspects of our business as we work through the Chapter 11 Reorganization process.

8-11-17 Chapter 11 Reorganization Filing Announcement

Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada, Inc. (Goodwill) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with Board of Directors’ approval, has voluntarily filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code effective Friday, August 11, 2017 at 3PM.
> View Press Release (PDF)


Goodwill of Southern Nevada has established the following 5-point plan to guide us as we work to emerge from Chapter 11 Reorganization.

1. Commit to Mission

Continue to provide free job training and placement services for youth, adults, veterans and their families in Southern Nevada:
  • Focus core mission service offering in areas of Goodwill’s strength.
  • Diversify funding and reduce need for governmental funding resources.
  • Seek philanthropic investment as a means of amplifying reach and impact.
  • Strengthen network of service providers designed to ensure the job seeker can be successful in maintaining employment.

2. Improve Efficiency

Become an efficient donated goods retail business (social enterprise) capable of consistently producing revenues to fund our mission:
  • Focus our retail business on the traditional Goodwill Thrift Store model.
  • Keep retail stores fresh and full of treasures.
  • Streamline donation collection and distribution.
  • Adopt operational best practices from Goodwill sister agencies and other similar businesses. 

3. Increase Accountability

Establish a goal oriented, accountable company culture:
  • Set clear and concise expectations/goals for all team members at all levels.
  • Evaluate performance and provide consistent ongoing feedback.
  • Reward achievement and provide coaching/consequences when standards/goals are not met.
  • Improve quality, quantity, analysis, insights and reporting of data (key performance indicators).

4. Drive Employee Engagement

Retain and develop the best Goodwill team members:
  • Reward team members with advancement opportunities based on consistently achieving/exceeding goals.
  • Develop an internal communications program and provide ongoing information related to all aspects of our business.
  • Provide on the job training to ensure all team members are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.
  • Ensure every team member understands the work they do drives Goodwill’s charitable mission, and the impact they have on our mission.  

5. Educate The Public About Goodwill's Mission

Develop a strong mission-centric Goodwill of Southern Nevada brand:
  • Eliminate the mission awareness gap by crafting an emotionally driven and easily understood brand story.
  • Educate through tours, volunteer experiences, earned media and success story content marketing.
  • Find a way to create/define a memorable Goodwill experience.
  • Engage the Board of Directors to help tell the Goodwill story and recruit brand advocates to help drive influencer relationships, philanthropy, and partnerships.   


The law firm of Larson & Zirzow, LLC has been retained to guide us through the reorganization process. Please direct all Chapter 11 reorganization related inquiries including press and media inquiries to:

Zachariah Larson, Esq.
Larson & Zirzow, LLC


Why is Goodwill of Southern Nevada reorganizing?

At Goodwill of Southern Nevada, we accept the community’s gifts in the form of donated goods and transform them into revenue through our iconic stores. We use the store revenues to fund our charitable mission, which is to provide free job training and placement services to unemployed people in our community. Over the last five years, we strategically expanded our donated goods retail business. In Fall of 2016, our stores began to experience a decline in sales corresponding with the nation-wide retail downturn. The recent expansion, the retail downturn, and increased operating costs to run our retail stores all have led us to make the difficult decision to file for Chapter 11 reorganization. Thus, we have retained the services of Larson and Zirzow, LLC to develop a plan and facilitate reorganization.

Will Goodwill’s mission change?

No, we are committed  to helping the youth, adults and veterans in our community get good, secure jobs than at any other time in our history. For now, our current mission programs will operate as usual.  If you are a veteran or a direct family member of a veteran, you can expect to still receive help from our Veteran Career Coaches as part of our Veteran Integration Program. If you are unemployed and struggling to find and secure work, you can still visit us at our Career Connections Centers to get free access to computers, resume help, educational workshops and more. Click here to learn more about our Mission.

Will Goodwill continue to operate stores?

Yes. Goodwill of Southern Nevada will continue to operate Thrift Stores and Clearance Centers.  Our shoppers should continue to expect to find one of a kind treasures and everyday values at Goodwill.  And, we need your purchases now more than ever to continue our mission of putting unemployed Nevadans back to work. Click here to find a location near you.

Can I still donate items I no longer need or want?

Yes, please. As a donor, you can expect to receive the same service you have come to expect from Goodwill’s Donation Ambassadors at our Stores and  Attended Donation Centers. We need your donations now more than ever to continue our mission to put unemployed people to work in local jobs and to protect our environment. Click here do find an Attended Donation center.

What is Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s local impact?

As one of Southern Nevada’s largest 501(c)(3) nonprofits, Goodwill’s impact is felt in many ways from workforce development to environmental.  In 2016, Goodwill’s Career Connections Centers and other programs for youth, adults and veterans served over 14,000 individuals while placing over 3,000 directly into local jobs. Thanks to the over 850,000 donors of goods, Goodwill diverted over 26 million pounds from our local landfill in 2016. 

How the public can help?

  • Shopping for incredible bargains and treasures at any of our Goodwill Thrift Stores.

  • Donating used goods at any Goodwill Store or Attended Donation Center.

  • Making a cash contribution at Goodwill.Vegas/Give. Cash contributions will not be exposed to creditors’ claims in Chapter 11, and will be used to directly fund our mission.

  • Volunteering your time by hosting a donation drive, helping job seekers at a Career Connections Center, or working at a Goodwill location.

We appreciate the public’s ongoing support for our mission.