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Success Story: Danny Drives Towards IT Career

When Danny Mustillo attended a Goodwill Group Orientation in October 2017, he was on a dignified mission to get back to work and to put an end to his reliance on unemployment assistance once and for all.

Walking in the door of the Goodwill Career Center on that cool October day, Danny was armed with a goal in mind.  Since he had been laid off from his former job, his target was a career in Information Technology, but he lacked the experience, training, and certification required. To make the challenge greater, he was living on government assistance, and in no way, could afford the training on his own. He needed help. Thankfully Goodwill and the WIOA Dislocated Worker Program are here to help people like Danny achieve their dream.

Driven and eager, Danny used the time while completing his requirements, to get a head start on his training. He took the initiative to visit the library and checked out a CompTIA A+ book to study. By the time Danny received word in early January 2018, that he would receive funding for training, he had already read and understood 10 chapters of the training book.

It’s now the middle of March 2018, and Danny is completing the final weeks of his CompTIA A+ training. Throughout his training, Danny maintained grades better than 90%. He has also demonstrated strong leadership skills, and has been the project leader for multiple projects. Upon graduating Danny plans to take advantage of the multiple internships he has been offered, to further round out his training.

For many, unemployment is not a choice. It’s an unfortunate circumstance of a dream not yet achieved. For those like Danny, who don’t quit, we are fortunate to provide a hand up.  And, thanks to our WIOA program and donations, you make the dream work.

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