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Success Story: Anthony Kitchen Enjoys Paying It Forward

Goodwill, as one of Southern Nevada’s largest employers, gets people working in more ways than one. It takes a team of dedicated Goodwill employees to operate our donation sites, stores, warehouses, and Career Centers which are the engine powering our mission to fight poverty with jobs.

Meet Goodwill Team Member Anthony Kitchen for example. Several years ago, before Goodwill, Anthony, a married father of sixteen children, was new to Las Vegas and unemployed. Anthony and his family moved to Las Vegas from Alaska seeking warmth and fresh start. Anthony didn’t know anyone and had no idea where to start his job hunt. He did know he didn’t have long before his family needed steady income to thrive in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, Anthony was enrolled in the Community Work Experience Program (CWEP), which is designed to help participants acquire general skills, training, knowledge, and work habits required to get and keep a job. The program utilizes nonprofit partners, like Goodwill, as training grounds for people like Anthony, who volunteer their time while gaining these valuable skills. To ensure the individuals success while they learn, the program provides participants with child-care, transportation, and other vital services.

Between December 2014 and August 2015, Anthony put in over 1,000 hours of his own volunteer time accepting donations, working various jobs in the warehouse, and helping shopper at Goodwill’s Clearance Center. Anthony’s work ethic caught the eye of Goodwill leadership, and in August 2015 he was hired by Goodwill full-time to lead a team dedicated to working to move furniture donated to Goodwill by Las Vegas area hotels.

For many, working at Goodwill is a place to learn, get established, and move on to other jobs. Fortunately for us, Anthony is still with Goodwill, and is the Leader of Operations at Goodwill’s North Operations Center. A much larger role from where he started.

Anthony enjoys knowing the work he does at Goodwill helps others like him get jobs. And, for that, we thank you Anthony.

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