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Success Story: Keisha Knows What She Wants in a Career

Being Self-Aware and Not Afraid to Take Risks Pays Off for Keisha Lui

People who are happy, healthy, and successful are often some of the most self-aware people you will meet. They know what interests them, they know their strengths, and they steer their career path in that direction. Keisha Lui is one of those people.

Before coming to Goodwill, Keisha was grinding away at a call center job she did not like. It was a means to make a living, but Keisha, being self-aware, made the difficult decision to walk away from a steady paycheck, to take the riskier path towards a career in healthcare. The decision was risky because Keisha had no relevant healthcare experience, no money for training, and kids at home to care for.

Armed with a goal to get a healthcare job, and the drive to do it, Keisha set off to change her life. Her first stop was the Goodwill Career Center on Tropicana Boulevard, the home of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Program. The WIOA Youth Program helps young people pursue their career goals by providing job readiness and placement services as well as opportunities for education, vocational training, leadership and paid work experiences.

Goodwill Career Coach, Bryan Fukuzawa, listened and got to know Keisha, her strengths, and dream to work in healthcare. Bryan, with the help of a few other Career Coaches, outlined a path for Keisha which included a paid work experience (at local non-profit Volunteers in Medicine), certification as a Nursing Assistant, resume building, mock interviews and more.

While Keisha studied for her Nursing Assistant certification, she gained valuable hands-on experience with real patients at Volunteers in Medicine. She also spent time creating a resume and developing her job interview skills so that when the time came, she would nail a job interview.

Today, Keisha is employed with Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Keisha doesn’t grind through her work each day, time flies by with a smile on her face. And, she knows the risk she took to pursue her career goals will pay off in the end thanks to a little help from Goodwill and the WIOA Youth Program.

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