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Success Story: Lindsay Flees Abuse & Lands at Goodwill To Help OThers

Desire to help others leads Lindsay to Goodwill after fleeing abusive relationship with her four children. 

With her four children, a birth certificate, and one suitcase, Lindsay fled an abusive relationship. Due to painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which required two surgeries, she was out of work at the time. Lindsay’s extended family provided her with some financial support which allowed her and her family to live in a local hotel for a time. Lindsay needed to work to get her life and her children’s lives moving forward.

As Lindsay’s wrists and hands healed, she began looking for work which led her to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (BVR). The BVR team asked Lindsay what her career goal was and were delighted when she said she wanted to work at Goodwill. Lindsay was familiar with Goodwill and our mission to help people like her get good jobs and she also had a desire to do work that helped other people like here.

Based on her desire to work at Goodwill, Lindsay was enrolled in Goodwill’s Community Based Training (CBT) program. Goodwill, by way of our partnership with BVR, offers which uses real work environments to assess the work skills participants with disabilities possess, as well as provides training for the development of new skills necessary for successful employment. As part of the CBT program Lindsay would work at Goodwill’s Tropicana retail store for 10-days.

From day one of her 10-day assessment and training Lindsay excelled exhibiting a strong work ethic and knack from customer service. Before her 10-day assessment ended, the store manager at our Tropicana store, Teri Enomoto, got word that Lindsay was someone to watch. After witnessing first-hand Lindsay’s hard work and dedication offered her full-time work. Lindsay and the Goodwill team could not be happier together. We take great pride in knowing that we could give Lindsay a hand-up at a time when she needed it most. And, now she gets to fulfill her dream of paying it forward by working at Goodwill.

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