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Success Story: Nina Ridgeway, A Veteran Helping Veterans Succeed

When you are placing nearly 5 veterans a week into local jobs over 5 years you are doing something right.

Meet Nina Ridgeway, Career Connections and VIP Program Manager, and the driving force behind Goodwill’s Veteran Integration Program. While Nina is quick to give credit to her team, the success of Goodwill’s Veteran Integration Program over the last 5 years is due largely to Nina’s ability to connect with people, partners, and local employers.

For her work, Nina is being honored by Channel 3 News and Subaru of Las Vegas’ “Salute Our Troops.” Nina is one of 13 to be recognized in November for her military service, and continued service helping local veterans. The presentation will air on Channel 3, next Friday, November 17th during the 6PM news.  The picture of Nina with Channel 3 News Anchor Gerard Ramalho says it all!

Nina’s recognition comes during the 5th anniversary of Goodwill’s Veteran Integration program which was founded November 12, 2017. The program, which is run by veterans for veterans, has exceeded expectations by placing 1,255 Southern Nevada veterans into local jobs in 5 years. That is nearly 5 placements a week into local jobs.

Goodwill’s Veteran Integration Program helps veterans and their families transition from military to civilian life, find employment, advance in their careers and ensure long-term financial stability for their families. “While you would think military skills directly translate to the civilian workplace, they don’t,” according to Ridgeway. “What we do here, is we help veterans show how the skills gained in the military are relevant to the civilian jobs they are interested in,” Ridgeway added, “We help them discover their strengths, the type of work they will enjoy doing, and how to talk the talk, making themselves highly marketable to employers.”

The Veteran Integration Program is unique in that we also help direct family members of veterans. “Family members often have gaps in their work history making it hard for them to get a job,” Ridgeway said.  “Multiple long-term deployments mean someone in a military family has to stay home and provide,” she added, “When the spouse transitions from the military to work life family members often have to make the same transition.”

Please join us in congratulating Nina on her “Salute to the Troops” award!  And thank you for all you do to support our Mission Programs!

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