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Success Story: Shaun’s Driven To Be a Great Dad

He’s got a brand-new Class A Truck Driving License, and now he’s ready to prove he’s a Class A dad when he hits the road as the newest truck driver at Eagle KMC LLC Trucking. Meet Shaun Huddle, a young father, driven to provide a good life for his family.

Shaun is baby-faced 21-year old with a baby of his own. For many young people like Shaun, who have more responsibilities than your average 21-year old, their first instinct is to take a job. Any old job will do if it meets their needs today. What takes cares of their needs today, ends up hurting them down the road because people who work in a job they enjoy, where they contribute by using their strengths, are more successful long term. But, that is easier said than done when the bills are piling up.

Fortunately, for young driven people like Shaun, programs like the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth program exist to help them meet the demands of today, while placing them on a long-term career path. Goodwill is a proud WIOA Youth provider.

Shaun’s journey began by meeting Goodwill Career Coach, Verleana Bright. Verleana’s job is to get to know people, identify their work history, their ambitions, and strengths. Then, she works with them to lay out a plan. Verleana and Shaun discussed each step:

  1. Attend the “MOVE” workshop series to learn basis job skills and expectations.
  2. Get Shaun a paid Work Experience (WEX) to help him gain hands on experience while paying the bills.
  3. Secure training funding so Shaun can earn his Class A CDL Truck Driving License.
  4. Develop a good cover letter and resume.
  5. Find potential employers and secure interviews.
  6. Nail the interview, get a good job.

After agreeing on a plan, things were set in motion. Shaun attended workshops while working at Batteries in a Flash to make ends meet and gain valuable work experience. Verleana secured Shaun a training opportunity with Southwest Trucking, and following 160 hours of training, Shaun earned his Class A Truck Drivers License (CDL). Shaun stood out in training, and was offered a job at graduation with Eagle KMC LLC Trucking.

Today, Shaun is in Arizona completing his second week of new hire training. Shaun is incredibly grateful for the work experience and training opportunities made possible by the WIOA Youth Program and the team at Goodwill. We are convinced Shaun’s career will keep on trucking and he will be the Class A dad he dreams of being. Good luck Shaun.

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