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Success Story: So Close, Yet So Far

Sometimes the distance between unemployment and a job is about the same width as a business card or driver’s license. And, for those who are that close to success, but can’t bridge the gap, the frustration can be maddening.

Jannea Cunico, fresh out of jail, living in a halfway house, had no money and was told she needed to find work to complete her transition. She struck out on her own, and as luck would have it, a local sub-sandwich shop offered her a job. The hiring manager told her to start work she would need a Health Card which would cost her $40.

While $40 may not seem like much, to Jannea, who literally had nothing, coming up with $40 to pay for the card, was a problem. To top it off, she also had to figure out how to pay for work clothes, and transportation to and from her new job. Jannea, had no idea where to turn, and had very little time to figure it out.

Jannea set out on her own to figure things out and visited agency after agency only to be told they could not help her. Frustrated and feeling defeated, Jannea finally receive a recommendation to visit a Goodwill Career Connections Center.

Job in hand, Jannea explained her situation to Resource Specialist, Shawn Schwiesow. She was informed that we could indeed help her, but she would need to bring back a signed Letter of Intent to Hire from the employer. When Jannea returned with a signed LOI, the Resource Specialist provided her with a voucher for a Health Card, a clothing voucher, and a 15-day bus pass. With all of her barriers to employment removed, Jannea was finally set up for success.

Jannea is well on her way to becoming fully self-reliant. She plans to share her experience with fellow house mates to ensure they do not experience the same frustration. “It’s very hard when you are starting over and have no idea where to go” she said. “Goodwill has been such a help to change my lifestyle and to create a new beginning.”

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