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Success Story: Tommy Jones, A Veteran Looking For Work in Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be a tough place for older Veterans to find work. 

Tommy Jones like so many others before him, was drawn to La Vegas by the promise of our modern-day boom town’s good jobs and good fortune. Unfortunately, for people like Tommy, an older worker, with spotty work history, no place to live, and not knowing anyone makes getting work in Las Vegas extremely difficult.

Tommy, a Veteran, was referred to Goodwill by the Salvation Army where he was staying temporarily. Tommy’s Veteran status made him eligible to participate in Goodwill’s Veteran Integration program which is where he met Veteran Career Coach Ernest Smith. Ernest could relate to Tommy’s life experiences and put Tommy on a path to employment.

Tommy’s path to employment began with a Goodwill Resume Essentials workshop, a new resume, and mock interviews. Knowing Goodwill was often a catalyst to long-term employment elsewhere, Ernest helped Tommy secure a temporary warehouse position while continuing to work with Tommy to gain full-time work and fulfill Tommy’s dream to become a Dialysis Technician.

Thanks to his temporary Goodwill job, Tommy began saving money, and thanks to help from Ernest settled into housing provided by the Veterans Administration’s HUD/VASH program for veterans. With his temporary position coming to an end, a confident, and marketable Tommy secured a permanent full-time position working as a security guard with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Now, with his life changed, Tommy continues to work with Ernest to pursue his dream to become a Dialysis Technician. Today, we a proud to say Tommy is training to become a Dialysis technician thanks to financial assistance provided by our non-profit partner, Help of Southern Nevada. While Tommy’ journey is not complete, he is clearly on a path to succeed. Tommy looks forward to one day being able to pay back his good fortune to help others like him find their own path to employment.

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