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Thrifting Tip: Color of The Week

Treasure hunters and bargain seekers save more with Goodwill’s Color of the Week deals.

Have you noticed all the different colors on the price tags in a Goodwill store? The color of that tag can mean big savings for you. We call it the Color of the Week and it works like this:

  • Take 50% OFF when you shop Monday through Friday.

  • Pay just $1 dollar for Color of the Week items on Saturday.

  • Fill a bag with Color of the Week items for just $12.99 on Sunday.

If you’re ready to go do some thrifting and save on Color of the Week items, here is how we recommend you get started:

  1. Use our online location finder to locate the Goodwill store nearest you. There are a lot of them so you are going to find something close.

  2. Run, walk, drive, and/or skip on over to the Goodwill store. We know you are excited, but please obey speed limits.

  3. Grab a cart. You are going to find lots of good stuff.

  4. Look for the sign at the entrance of every Goodwill store. That sign will tell you what color tags to hunt for. You can also check out Goodwill.Vegas/StoreSales before you go.

  5. Hunt for deals. This is the best part.

  6. Go home, admire your treasures, and brag about your savings!

As always, we want to know what you found. Share your Color of the Week treasures and bargains with us on Facebook and Instagram. Happy bargain hunting thrifty friends.

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