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Success Story: Never Underestimate Angela Acosta

Meet Angela Acosta and Eva Contreras-Martinez, participants in Goodwill’s Community Based Training (CBT) program. The CBT program, A partnership between Goodwill of Southern Nevada, The State of Nevada Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) and The Veterans Administration (VA), uses real work environments to assess specific work skills that participants with disabilities currently possess, as well as offer training for the development of new skills necessary for successful employment.

Angela Acosta and Eva Contreras-Martinez, are participants in Goodwill’s Community Based Training (CBT) program.


Angela Acosta (seated in photo) is 18 years old and has spent her entire life living with Cerebral Palsy. Eager to prove she was capable and could work without restriction, Angela sought out the CBT program. With an interest in retail, Angela was placed into the Goodwill retail store environment. While working at Goodwill’s Rainbow store, Angela received valuable retail training and has excelled. The team has noted that Angela has a strength in customer service developing genuine relationships with customers. Angela has also proven that she can perform many tasks including stocking shelves with the help of a grabber device.

With Angela’s drive, ability to connect with people and proven retail skills, any employer will be lucky to have her.

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