Find out if you or a loved one qualifies for one of Goodwill’s free programs.

Goodwill of Southern Nevada believes everyone who wants to work should have the opportunity to work. We believe work builds character, strength and pride in people which in turn builds stronger communities. That is why Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s programs provide education, hands on work experience and assistance to anyone ready and willing to work, no matter their barrier to employment.

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Interview Services

Worried about the interview? We can help you!

Get free mock up interviews, tip, resources and professional feedback on your interview skills and attire. Looking the part is very important. Take a workshop and learn tips and how-to-dress for the career you want; whether it’s in the interview, in your role or for your next promotion.

• Attire for Hire

• First Impressions

• Interview Practice & Coaching

• Interview Preparation

• Mock Interview

• And more…


Job Search Services

Looking for work IS hard work! It takes a village!

Build your career support network and make your network work for you with examples and formats on professional practices, strategies, online profile review and references lists. Goodwill can help you make the most of your time with application tools, tips and reminders to help you with modern job search planning, methods and more.

• The Job of Finding a Job

• Online Job Boards

• The Power of Networking

• Make Your References Count

• Seal The Deal with Job Applications

• And more…


Portfolio Services

Wondering what makes a good resume or cover letter?

Whether you’re starting from scratch, determined to update, or need a fresh set of eyes; our comprehensive Resume workshop offering has everything you need to get your resume ready for the next big opportunity. Learn the when, how and why of professional letters at our Job Letter Workshops.

• Career Samples – Resume & Job Letters

• Federal Resumes

• Job Letter Preparation & Lab

• Rough Drafts – Job Letters & Resumes

• Resume Preparation & Lab

• Resume Review & Coaching

• And more…


Professional Skills & Development Services

Looking to compete in today’s job market?

When searching for a job it is important to stand out in a crowd. Learn how to identify skills and develop what makes you the ideal candidate in the modern job market. Need to learn computer literacy for your job search? Learn how to navigate the digital job market with email and job search functions.

• My Skill Inventory

• Computer Literacy & Training

• Get Linked In

• Think Like a Boss

• And more…

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