When your old computer is no longer useful to you, it doesn’t mean its life is over. Donate your computer to Goodwill and we will put it to good use by refurbishing it or recycling it. Either way, your donated computer will help us generate funds to provide job training and placement services for unemployed locals.

Wiped Clean

If refurbished, our technicians will wipe any personal data from the machine for your security.

Environmentally Friendly

Donating keeps the nasty stuff inside your old computer out of our local landfill and environment.

Dell Reconnect

Goodwill partners with the Dell Reconnect to recycle computers that are past their life cycle.

Not every computer or computer component can be resold in our stores. This may include, but is not limited to machines that are broken, antiquated, or missing vital parts. That is ok! We still encourage you to donate them for environmental reasons. This, is why we partner with Dell Reconnect to recycle computers. Dell Reconnect ensures these computers are recycled under strict environmental guidelines which can be viewed here (“Responsible Recycling: Dell Band E-Waste Exports”) and here (“Dell’s Worldwide Technology Recycling Options” ).