As an organization that receives generous gifts in the form of donated goods, in kind services and cash donations, we believe transparency and accountability are very important. And, you like many others, may have a few questions or even read fake news online about Goodwill. Following are answers to common questions we hope will make you feel confident in your choice to donate, shop, partner or seek help from Goodwill of Southern Nevada. 

Is Goodwill a for-profit company?

No, Goodwill is a true registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. Revenue earned by selling donated goods in our thrift stores funds our charitable mission to fight poverty with jobs. While local thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Opportunity Village, and Deseret Industries are registered nonprofits with charitable missions, other thrift stores may not be. If you wish to do business with true nonprofits, we encourage you to conduct your own research by visiting GuideStar, the largest source of unbiased nonprofit information on the Internet.

What happens to the money earned from donations or purchases?

The money stays in Southern Nevada to benefit Southern Nevadans. Goodwill of Southern Nevada transforms your donated goods into funds for workforce development programs through retail store and online sales as well as generous monetary donations from caring Southern Nevadans. More than 90% of every dollar earned goes back into Goodwill programs in Southern Nevada and directly benefits the unemployed and underemployed in our community.  If you are interested in reviewing our financials, you will find them here.

Why does Goodwill help unemployed people get jobs?

Goodwill of Southern Nevada believes a job is a systemic solution to poverty in our community. Even at today’s low unemployment rate (+/- 5%), 1 in 20 Southern Nevadans remain out of work. These are the hardest to place individuals who are willing and capable of working, but simply need someone to help them overcome their barriers to employment.  We help these people succeed in finding work. We do it because we believe jobs provide a systemic solution to poverty and the associated family instability, hunger, homelessness, addiction, crime and more. In 2016, over 14,000 job seekers sought help from Goodwill. Thanks to help from the public, the hard work and dedication of our staff and our employer partners, Goodwill placed more than 3,000 job seekers into jobs in 2016. 

Why does Goodwill operate Retail Thrift Stores?

Goodwill’s leading social enterprise is a major difference maker in the world of nonprofits. Revenue generated by collecting donated goods and selling those goods at retail stores covers funds our mission to fight poverty with jobs. And, thanks to our leading social enterprise, any financial contributions made to Goodwill directly fund free job training and placement services for unemployed locals not stores or donation centers. Click here to learn how Goodwill works

Who holds Goodwill accountable to positively impact our community?

Goodwill of Southern Nevada is not owned by one individual or or group of investors. As a registered non-profit we are held accountable by a 100% volunteer Board of Directors comprised of business leaders, civic leaders and members of the Southern Nevada community. To maintain our non-profit status, we must consistently meet the standards set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. 

Is Goodwill truly local or part of some big corporation?

Goodwill of Southern Nevada is one of more than 158 independently operated Goodwill’s around the globe. While we all operate independently to meet the unique needs of our local community, we are all governed by the standards set forth by Goodwill Industries International. Goodwill industries International’s CEO is Steven C. Preston, not Mark Curran as is cited in false Internet rumors.

Is the email/social media post I read about Goodwill’s CEO fake news? 

Yes, the email/social media post circulating about Goodwill CEO Mark Curran is fake news. Goodwill industries International’s CEO is Steven C. Preston, not Mark Curran as is cited in false Internet rumors. Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s President and CEO is Richard D. Neal. To review Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s financial information please visit our Transparency and Accountability page.

How can people help Goodwill?

There are many ways the public can support Goodwill and our mission to fight poverty with jobs:

  • Shopping for incredible bargains and treasures at any of our Goodwill Thrift Stores.

  • Donating used goods at any Goodwill Store or Attended Donation Center.

  • Making a cash contribution at Goodwill.Vegas/Give.  

  • Volunteering your time by hosting a donation drive, helping job seekers at a Career Connections Center, or working at a Goodwill location.

  • When you hear or read false Internet rumors please help set the record straight. You can join the Goodwill conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.