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Mission Services Highlight – From Homeless to Hopeful

In November of 2019, Barney Coen decided to make a change in his life.He had been unemployed and homeless for more than a year.

He was hired by 7-Eleven but needed help to obtain a Health Card as well as an alcohol management card that are required by the State of Nevada. Since Barney had limited resources already, he visited a Goodwill Career Center for help. With “supportive services”, Goodwill was able to supply the payment for the cards so Barney could start his job. To ensure that he could get to work before receiving his first paycheck, he was also issued a bus pass.

Recently, his Career Coach followed up with Barney to see how he was doing. Not only is he still employed, he is no longer homeless!

“I’m very grateful to Goodwill for giving me a chance to get out of being homeless,” says Barney. “I cannot thank Goodwill enough for helping me in my situation.”