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Mission Services Highlight – IT Department Mentors Interns

Our IT department at Goodwill is mentoring students that are enrolled at Tech Impact for technical career training. Tech Impact is a national nonprofit that provides IT career training. For the past five years, the IT department has mentored a few interns per year and has hired most of their new team members from this intern pool. This year we were very fortunate to work with eight interns.

For five weeks, interns are primarily mentored by Pete Ladner, Technical Support Manager. Our Goodwill experience offers broad, hands-on training and exposure that most of these students would miss if they were interning at a large organization. Interns learn about the service desk and whatever project happens to be in place at the time. This year, it is about preparing computers for the new corporate building as well as the Boulevard Mall Career Center – Training Room. With COVID-19 social distancing protocols, Mission Services staff were set up to work in the Boulevard Mall Training Room as well as the Career Center.

Interns are always welcome to volunteer with Goodwill after the formal program is completed so they can build their resume and gain experience. Tech Impact encourages the group to volunteer at a variety of businesses. While Tech Impact offers career services to their students, our IT department also refers interns to Goodwill Career Centers.

Pete Ladner is very proud of the program and the interns. “I have been mentoring these exceptional and eager-to-learn students for five years and enjoy seeing them grow their technical and professional skills at Goodwill.“