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Mission Services Highlight: Success Story

Hi there! My name is Jakayla, I grew up in New Mexico and I am a proud military wife. I have my Bachelors and MBA and am working on my CAPM certification. I have worked in higher education and public relations and am currently in the training and development field and loving it. Although being a military spouse has been a great adventure, it has also come with some challenges. Since we move based on my husband’s career, I am faced with finding employment wherever we go. These towns can oftentimes be small and not have the career options I am looking for in my field, requiring me to make due with whatever job I can get. It has been hard to get work experience in the business industry and build my resume up to get quality employment. Goodwill has been a great resource. Their team not only sat down with me to explore what would be the best choice for me moving forward, but they provided resources and financial support to get me the specialty training needed for promotional opportunities in my field. Before I got my current job, they were also helping me look for jobs and internships to see if that would best help me. We discussed my prior experience, goals and plans and they walked me through my options for the best step forward. It was so encouraging to see this organization come together with the military and their families to give us the best possible options for success. I am grateful for their support as I complete my CAPM and will continue to spread the word about this awesome experience.