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Mission Services Highlights: Boulevard Mall Career Center Re-Opens

Homar Luna was so enthusiastic about his job search, he visited the Boulevard Career Center on the first day we re-opened, approximately two weeks ago.

Homar was working at ARK Restaurant full-time as a dishwasher until the COVID-19 closure of non-essential businesses caused him to be laid off. Since he had experience in warehouse work, he wanted to search for warehouse industry jobs. The first order of business was to resolve the issues with Homar’s unemployment application. Career Coaches assisted Homar to get his application back on track and even faxed additional information to the unemployment office so his benefits claim could be completed.

Since he already had an updated resume, staff helped him complete online employment job applications. Homar was also referred to a local staffing agency that often places job seekers in temporary positions that lead to permanent career opportunities.

In the past two weeks, Homar has visited the Career Center every day with a upbeat positive attitude and courteous smile. He states that he likes coming to our Career Center since staff is always so helpful and friendly. He shares “Goodwill is providing me with access to a computer to look for employment. Two months of staying at home unemployed was hard for me.”

Homar states that he will not give up on finding employment and will continue to diligently search for a warehouse role. He hopes that his unemployment benefits will be approved soon. Homar exemplifies the focused persistence needed to secure employment in the current job market.