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Press Release: Create Eco-Friendly DIY Halloween Costumes & Décor for Less at Goodwill

Find the perfect Halloween costume and décor at a Goodwill

October 1, 2019

LAS VEGAS – Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada (Goodwill) is the Halloween destination for people who want to be fashionable and environmentally conscious while styling themselves in one-of-a-kind costumes guaranteed to impress their friends and family. Goodwill is pleased to announce they are fully stocked with DIY Halloween costume materials and festive decorations. With 15 retail store locations across the Valley, Goodwill is encouraging residents to choose their local Goodwill store when creating their 2019 Halloween look. In addition to being the best place for eco-friendly DIY costume shopping, Goodwill offers looks that can be created for a great price.

Clothing and accessories found at Goodwill can also be reused to create unique costumes. Shoppers are only limited by the extent of their imagination. Whether someone is looking for the perfect white shirt to complete a pirate costume, or a vintage ball gown to become a zombie princess, Goodwill has the clothing, shoes and accessories they need for Halloween.

“Shopping at Goodwill for Halloween and living a sustainable lifestyle go hand in hand,” said Rick Neal, president and CEO of Goodwill. “Your one-of-a-kind Goodwill Halloween costume can help someone get the help and/or acquire the skills they need to get a new job or advance in their career.”

Goodwill also carries Halloween décor items, such as pumpkins, scarecrows and skeletons, as well as other textiles and linens that can be used to turn shrubs into garden ghosts or other fun decorations.

“We placed more than 2,900 people in jobs and diverted over 26 million pounds from local landfills last year,” said Rick Neal. “The purchases people make in our stores help create employment opportunities for people right here in our community, and enable us to provide employment supportive services such as résumé training, computer labs for job searches, financial education, transportation and more—all free of charge for job seekers. Shoppers can purchase an eco-friendly Halloween look for less and take pride in the positive impact of their Goodwill purchase.” After Halloween, remember to donate your costume back to Goodwill. For more information and full list of locations, visit