To the thousands of veterans we’ve had the honor of serving over the past eight years of the Veteran Integration Program, and to all veterans including our Goodwill Team Members…
Thank you for your service!

– Your friends at Goodwill of Southern Nevada


Founded in November 2012, Goodwill is celebrating eight years of helping veterans and their families transition from military to civilian life, find employment, advance in their careers and ensure long-term financial stability for their families. Over the last eight years Goodwill’s Veteran Integration Program has served and directly placed thousands in local jobs. We can do it for you.

Free Services Available:

Career Counseling

Our veteran career coaches will provide you with personalized coaching and job leads.

Technology Access

Get free access to computers with Internet, copiers, and fax machines.

Skills Translation

Our  Veteran Career Coaches will help you translate military skills to civilian jobs.

Job Placement

Gain access to Goodwill’s network of veteran-friendly employer partners. 


Enjoy workshops, and if you qualify, get vocational and occupational skills training. 

Work Cards

Get assistance obtaining work cards, clothing vouchers, and more to get working. 

To inquire about the Veteran Integration program please email, call 702-214-2073, or visit a Career Center.

 Goodwill’s Veteran Team Members take pride in knowing the work they do helps fellow veterans in our community succeed at work and in life.

Meet some of our proud Veteran Team Members. 

Richard (“Rick”) D. Neal, Jr.
President & CEO

U.S. Air Force
1990 to 2015

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because military members have literally been ‘family’ for me for my entire life. My mission on active duty was to serve my people in service of the mission and I want to continue to serve veterans and their families as they transition from active duty.”


Robert Chambliss
Donation Ambassador

1979 to 1984

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because I am retired and wanted to do something to give back.”


Clare Dotson

1970 to 1973

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“When I see a Veteran I encourage them to apply at Goodwill.When I first started with Goodwill I was a Donation Ambassador, now I am a Driver.” 

William (Bill) Frazier
Leader of Operations

1982 to 1985

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because a lot of Veterans have a hard time finding a job.” 

Technical Support Manager


Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because it is amazing to help people who have given back to our country”

Mark Meyer
Donation Ambassador

Air Force
1976 to 1986

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because working for people who support other people, and doing what you can to help the community is good.”

Joe Neal
Forklift Operator

1989 to 1997

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because it feels good to help Goodwill help Veterans!”

Victor Nelson
Sales Associate

1975 to 1978

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because it shows I appreciate for Veterans and I love that Goodwill does the same.”

Nina Ridgeway
Manager, Veterans Integration Program

Air Force
1984 to 2004

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because I understand the struggle and am committed to helping in any way I can.”

 Kenneth Picket
Donation Ambassador

Coast Guard
1973 to 1977

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because of what Goodwill does for the community and because they help Veteran’s get back to work. ”

Jaquelyn Potter
Manager of People Services

1996 to 2000

Enjoys helping Veterans…

“Because It is hard for a lot of Veterans to transition and I love to see Goodwill get Veterans back to work.”

Gary Rivera

Air Force
1975 to 1981

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“Because any company who assists Veterans I appreciate even more.”

Ernest Smith
Veteran Career Coach

Air National Guard
1980 to 2010

Enjoys helping Veterans…

“Because it is part of who I am, part of my skills as a Sergeant, I am still taking care of my Veterans. “

Melvin Sullivan
Donation Ambassador

1992 to 1994

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“To get rehabilitated and to help put them back to normal society.”

Richard Ursell
Material Handler

1984 to 1982

Enjoys helping Veterans… 

“They deserve everything we can give them for everything they do for our country.”